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Hitting an all time low

April 3, 2010 , , , , , ,

After a few days’ waiting, the crowd-sourced Labour campaign poster created by Jacob Quagliozzi is to be revealed on Easter Saturday by the Miliband brothers.

It’s no news that the Tories have twice as much budget than Labour for their election campaign. So, Douglas Alexander, Labour’s election campaign chief, had to get creative. And he did. He called on Labour supporters to come up with new poster ideas. Two briefs were developed with Saatchi & Saatchi, one highlighting Labour’s pledge to protect frontline services, the other to emphasise David Cameron’s lack of substance.

I really wanted to get involved, but rather than knocking the Tories, I chose to emphasise the excellent policy pledges that Labour has set out. And along with more than a 1000 other people, I submitted my idea. I was honoured to find out a few days later that my poster was chosen as a favourite and featured on Labour’s homepage.

What surprised me about a lot of the other entries featured was how few spoke to the positive policies this government has, or intends to introduce, if they win the next election. Rory Doona’s submission (below) stood out as being not only visually attractive, but it had a positive message.

Rory Doona’s Poster idea

In general, this country has a negative view of politics. The past year has seen politicians’ credibility plummet thanks, in part, to the Daily Telegraph, which leaked details of expenses records in May 2009. Then in January this year Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt challenged Gordon Brown’s leadership, and failed. Hoon and Hewitt, again, along with another seven politicians were secretly filmed in the “Cab for hire” scandal which was broken by The Sunday Times and shown on the Channel Four programme, Dispatches.

I think people feel alienated and powerless by this kind of behaviour. Oh for the days of popular satire, like Spitting Image which did a fantastic job of exposing politicians’ short-comings and probably, to a certain extent, kept them in check.

The lack of satire in popular culture seems to be fulfilled by opposing political parties these days.

The Tories’ recent campaigns based on ‘change’, and their recent posters which target Gordon Brown personally, all expose their lack of direction and ideology. They basically have nothing tangible to offer this country. They have nothing to say apart from don’t vote for the others.

David Cameron depicted as Gene Hunt from the BBC TV series "Ashes to Ashes"

I wish the Labour Party had chosen to not get involved in ‘gutter’ politics. They have so much more to say about how they are planning to secure our recovery, raise family living standards, build a high-tech economy, protect frontline investment and make our communities fairer.

Please leave the satire to the satirists.


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